My Friend is DATING a Psychopath Narcissist – Why Won’t They LISTEN?

So your friend is dating a psychopath narcissist?

Hold on tight. We’re in for a ride.

Here’s a scenario every survivor of narcissistic abuse will come across at some point or another, but most likely sooner than you think.

It’s the inevitable situation we’ve all found ourselves in not long after solving one of our biggest challenges or learning something of excellence that forever altered our lives for the better.

It’s the old time tested urge to tell everybody else what we’ve learned and how they should try things OUR way because it’ll be so much better for them.

In this case we are talking about a situation where our friend is dating a psychopath narcissist but they just won’t listen to our words of advice nor will they take any action in positioning themselves for a preemptive escape.

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NO CONTACT Rule Is CRUCIAL When Dealing With A Narcissist Or Psychopath

If you’ve recently been dumped or discarded by your narcissist or psychopath ex, you are probably experiencing a lot of anxiety, panic attacks, maybe a little post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) and are probably driving yourself insane by stalking their social media only to discover even more pain and confusion.

You wake up in a panic and your futile attempts to make it through the day, carrying this burden of depression and madness is too much to handle, much less get any of you friends and family to understand what you are feeling and going thru.

You keep asking yourself why can’t you get over your ex, what is it about this one in particular that your mind, body and soul simply cannot let go of despite the narcissistic abuse they put you through?

So you reach for the phone and send them yet another text asking questions, hoping to get some closure or a little empathy for what you are going thru, but…

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