Are you being STALKED by your Psychopath EX?

If the title of this article strongly resonates with you, then heed my words carefully.

What you’re experiencing right now is far worse than the typical toxic relationship with a Narcissist or Cluster B personality disorder.

The commonly and overly spoken about Love Bomb, Cheat, Devalue, Discard narcissistic pattern sounds like paradise compared to dealing with an obsessive, compulsive, stalker that refuses to let you go.

These predators are beyond dangerous, not only to themselves as proven by their cocaine addictions and other self destructive patterns, but also a danger to society and anyone that gets too close to them.

Their whole life is a shit show and they deflect and distract your attention from their obvious Red Flags by showering you with attention, gifts, money, support and this obsession with you which at first comes off flattering.

You fell for the exterior, the superficial, and the over the top, uncanny unconditional love and support they offered you.

It blew up in your face.

By now you are probably kicking yourself in the ass for not listening to those who warned you that this scumbag was NOT who you thought he was.

Their disorder is far beyond what you could have imagined or thought you could fix or deal with because it is coupled with many other personality disorders and mental ailments.

Their levels of psychosis, obsession, compulsion, anger and rage cannot be controlled once it’s been triggered and this is when these predators are at their most dangerous.

This is when the psychopath becomes unhinged and commit acts of violence, harassment, stalking, cyberstalking, tracking, bullying, and anything they can muster in order to ensure they still have control over you.

They now control you through FEAR.

These are psychopathic, deranged monsters and once their source of supply has abandoned them, they resort to predatory assaults that you see in horror movies.

They cannot accept defeat.

They cannot accept that their obsessive, controlling, abusive and manipulative tactics weren’t enough to win your love.

They don’t realize they are the lowest of low and nobody wants them because of what they are and the horrible things they do to the people they claim to love.

They will not only stalk and harass you, but also your closest friends, your family, your co-workers, even your exes whom they are still extremely jealous of.

They do this as a way to torture you by proxy; to create a smear campaign and try to look like the innocent victims.

They especially do this if you’ve done your job of collecting evidence, filing police reports and serving them with a Restraining Order Injunction.

Now they resort to playing the Empath card, the new born Christian (from Atheist to Church Enthusiast) in attempt of fooling the Judge and Jury.

Do not let these psychopathic criminals get away with this abuse.

Chances are they have stalked and tortured their ex wives and mother of their children as well.

Psychopaths of this caliber usually have a criminal history, domestic violence charges, drug possession, burglary, trespassing, breaking and entering, other Restraining and Stay Away Orders.

They usually have their children taken away from them because they are unfit parents and clearly incapable of giving or receiving any kind of real human love.

All of this information can be used against them in court.

Do your research and do not hesitate to take action quickly because an obsessed stalker like this will stop at nothing to beat the system, stage a case to disprove you, and continue their reign of terror on you the very next day.

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Narcissistic abuse is a perpetual nightmare not many can wake up from. The anxiety, trauma and PTSD can last a lifetime if one does not properly cut ties with their psychopathic tormentor and follow through with a specific plan for recovery.

However, this path can be a mystery to most victims of narcissists who’ve been discarded and dismantled. That’s why I’ve put together a step-by-step guide that will show you how to take the first step in establishing boundaries between you and your abuser. Study this guide carefully and do exactly what it says, especially if you have been recently discarded and left to rot by your narcissist ex.

These were the first instructions my mentor gave me back when I too was in hell; gasping for air from the suffocating panic and bed ridden anxiety my psychopath ex had left me in. I followed his guidance to the tee and instantly felt life breathing back into my soul… as will YOU when you follow these easy steps.

The information in this guide is crucial to your mental health and recovery. Do not hesitate or risk another minute of your life drifting into oblivion at the hands of a psychopath narcissist.

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3 Replies to “Are you being STALKED by your Psychopath EX?”

  1. Narcissistic abuse and manipulation and control has gotten completely out of control. It’s not just a personal relationship anymore. It’s family ,friends, long time, acquaintances, family friends, I don’t know if it’s like this for anybody else but the realization that 98% of the people in my life are narcissist, and couldn’t control my entire life somehow and just do cruel evil things every day, even when I think it can’t get worse it does there’s so many of them in my life. Most of them are not people that I have chose to be in my life but blood has. It’s so crazy how you can’t even get out because somehow they’ve always controlled your finances through financial abuse and the gas that you and it turns into reactive abuse because you can’t take it anymore and then they say you’re crazy and make you look crazy because in that moment when you’re reacting to what they been doing to you for days, you probably do look crazy I’ve done everything I can to heal and try to move past my most recent, narcissistic relationship, but it’s not just that relationship is literally every relationship in my life, except for maybe two people that I have chosen as friends and family that are loyal and actually care and love me my situation is probably pretty rare or maybe it’s not. If it is it please somebody else share your story with me maybe I won’t feel so alone and defeated, absolutely entirely lost. Don’t know what to do where to go narcissistic abuse, and everything they stand for in or about is sickening , if I want to throw up thinking about it it’s horrible living like everybody who’s going through this right now or a similar situation into those that are still stuck relationship with a narcissist you are worthy you deserve love and unconditional love it, that you deserve kindness, and to be treated with respect and love they may have you beat down so bad right now that you don’t believe it but I am here to tell you you are worth your weight in gold and don’t ever forget it everything the narcissist says is a lie in a manipulation to try to bring you down so you don’t try to get away from them. Best thing you can do for yourself is walk Away, like I’m trying to figure out how to do and I have done with quite a few of the narcissist’s in my life but I still have a few in my immediate family and lives so close to me that it’s hard to get away from them but I’m still trying to do my best and figure it out but we all deserve better. We’re worth way more, and we are here on this planet very reason and it’s not to be abused by an evil psychopathic narcissist I just hope everybody can find self-worth and love and respect themselves enough one day to walk away because I love and respect you I believe in you and you can do it. It’s not easy, not saying it is I promise you that it will be the best decision of your life lots of love light and healing. To all the survivors out there even if you’re still in the abuse you’re still alive you’re still here for a reason you are a survivor.

    1. Dear Katrice

      Some unrealistic question

      I was reading your post because I was looking about what I am accusing now ……… my story is near exactly what you wrote that day except that in my case all that was managed from few years to been accused for only one reason the finances in front of my 15 years of blind loves ………nothing is right concerning me but of course from outside people can believe it…… and sometime I believed it to don’t be able to keep ,my nerves … (only nerves, I never did pain to anyone intentionally in my live ). the same day the same the same morning my Russian ex partner escaped now in Russia was posting something similar on her Fb ……… we were leaving in one huge villa near Marbella ……… and she completely disappeared from me, never faced me …… she just wanted a completely unfair financial agreement because I wasn’t administratively protected proposed per different way (mediator, lawyers etc ……) The full Russian family , I supported from years, I taking care from years I was good father etcet. had disappeared in secret with my Labrador just 8 days after this post …… when i was out of the house from few days to give quietness at home , everyone was against me.

      Hope I am fully wrong

  2. Yes, I don’t know how to begin speaking about this but yes I am being stalked by ex friend(s) and these monsters have weaponry in technology that goes beyond imagination. I am going through a world of hell… I need to write my story and tell you.. I have been taking notes, getting any form of physical proof I possibly can. I have had to change everything in my life, seriously, and get law enforcement involved.
    This female, and her sister and friend ( their little group of toxicity) will NOT leave me alone. This became part of my awareness in late July 2021, and to this present day the stalking is relentless and beyond obsessive, it is disgusting. I have been able to cope by watching YouTube videos like the ones on your channel as well as Dr Ramani, Rebecca Zung, Surviving Narcissism with Team dignity, civility, respect, and many more. I also watched comedic relief videos and spiritual videos that lifted up my spirit. I have so much to say and it is hard to describe this almost novel of abuse through text messages. I would like to FaceTime, and I can learn zoom. My goal is to have freedom and for these clinging, stalking, harassing, spying female dogs to leave me alone. I also hope to help others in my future endeavors and I need to have some personal time without stalker/ stalkers in my life.
    I sincerely will appreciate any assistance that you may provide regarding the help of getting justice! Thank you Kira in advance, call me Kris or Kristopher either or, and I pray for transparency and justice to prevail and to reclaim freedom in life without surveillance from the stalker/ stalking team…. I have asked many people to help me with this and others do not understand what to do or the severity/ gravity of it all.
    Anyway, I hope to hear back from you, I do not really ever check my email but I check my texts, phone calls, physical mail by postal service.

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