Being DISCARDED by a Psychopath Narcissist FEELS like DEATH

Psychopath narcissists love torturing you while they’re a part of your life but even when they’re gone, their poison is still left inside of you, crawling thru your mind like a cancer, warping your every thought and making even the simplest of tasks a nightmare to accomplish.

To the psychopath narcissist, you are just another victim left to decay after being sucked dry of your life force; much like a vampire will leave their prey to rot after feeding on their blood.

Narcissists are predators that feed on your energy, rape your mind and steal your soul. While you are in a relationship with them, you are slowly being poison dripped, gradually molded and groomed into a state of complete hypnosis where you can’t even realize the harm being done to you. Continue reading “Being DISCARDED by a Psychopath Narcissist FEELS like DEATH”

Why Do Psychopath Narcissists TORTURE Their Partners?

Psychopath Narcissists look like normal human beings on the outside, but don’t be fooled. On the inside they are soulless monsters incapable of feeling normal human emotions like Love and Empathy and for obvious reasons, do not operate like normal human beings.

They are disordered individuals, forever angry and resentful at the world and at themselves. Since they cannot feel any sort of empathy towards another human being, they do not understand why it is that some of their actions cause others pain and grief.

In time they learn to use this lack of empathy as a form of power and control over normal human beings and are able to get away with immoral acts in order to rise to the top of the corporate world or reach Hollywood fame, crushing anyone in their path without a trace of guilt or remorse. Continue reading “Why Do Psychopath Narcissists TORTURE Their Partners?”

BREAKING No Contact with the Narcissist Psychopath EX Brings Catastrophic Consequences

Psychopath narcissists are experts in finding ways to continue tormenting and mentally abusing you after the discard phase especially if they feel they can still extract more narcissistic supply from you.

This is why going no contact with a psychopath ex is the most effective way to stop the bleeding and the first steps towards recovery from a narcissistic abusive relationship. Continue reading “BREAKING No Contact with the Narcissist Psychopath EX Brings Catastrophic Consequences”

5 Steps To Going NO CONTACT With Your Narcissist Psychopath EX

You’ve probably already heard about the No Contact Rule when breaking up with an ex but for some reason, the thought of completely shutting all doors behind your narcissist psychopath ex seems impossible right?

After all, you are angry. You want revenge. You want to tell them off. You want answers. You want an apology. You want the truth. You want a sign of empathy. You want them to speak to you with the same warm loving tone that they once did in the beginning of the relationship. YOU WANT CLOSURE.

So why close the door on that possibility? Continue reading “5 Steps To Going NO CONTACT With Your Narcissist Psychopath EX”

NO CONTACT Rule Is CRUCIAL When Dealing With A Narcissist Or Psychopath

If you’ve recently been dumped or discarded by your narcissist or psychopath ex, you are probably experiencing a lot of anxiety, panic attacks, maybe a little post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) and are probably driving yourself insane by stalking their social media only to discover even more pain and confusion.

You wake up in a panic and your futile attempts to make it through the day, carrying this burden of depression and madness is too much to handle, much less get any of you friends and family to understand what you are feeling and going thru.

You keep asking yourself why can’t you get over your ex, what is it about this one in particular that your mind, body and soul simply cannot let go of despite the narcissistic abuse they put you through?

So you reach for the phone and send them yet another text asking questions, hoping to get some closure or a little empathy for what you are going thru, but…

You get NOTHING. No response. Silent treatment. You’ve been discarded. Continue reading “NO CONTACT Rule Is CRUCIAL When Dealing With A Narcissist Or Psychopath”