The Rise of Instagram Narcissist Girls and Psychopath Twitch Thots

Social media sites such as Instagram and Twitch have recently become more than just a platform to share content and catch up with friends online.

With their rise in popularity, these social media sites have become a breeding ground for psychopath girls and narcissist women where they can target their victims and extract narcissistic supply from millions of innocent men all over the internet.

The rate of narcissistic abuse has been exponentially rising in record numbers over the past few years. Never before has this psychological form of torture been so exposed as it is today.

Largely in part to the ever growing addiction to social media, the online world has seen a rise in psychopath Twitch Thots who spend their day streaming lewd videos of their tits while asking for subs donations from their beta male audience.

It’s a great way for toxic broken girls to make some easy cash and get validation from the desperately lonely men who are too pathetic to meet women in real life.

Instagram narcissist girls have started to infiltrate that platform as well since they also get instant validation from the community which temporary fills their eternal void.

Female Instagram influencers are a thing now where they get sponsored by a company or given free products to review or take pictures with as a way to promote them.

In efforts to attract more likes and comments, many of these Instagram influencers resort to posting very provocative photos. That’s the nature of marketing and we all know sex sells but the danger with these practices are when they’re used for a much darker purpose.

Enter the Instagram narcissist psychopath girls who exploit these avenues not just to extract money from their beta male audience but as a way to torture their real life victims and past victims who are probably stalking their Instagram profiles day and night.

Even more dangerous are the psychopath narcissist girls on Twitch who blatantly get more than half naked on their streams in order to get more subs and donations. It’s no wonder many call these Twitch Thots cam girls since for many of them, it’s practically that.

Now, we’re not talking about legit girl streamers who are actually good at gaming and offer value in their streams. We are solely focusing on the narcissist Twitch girls who are only doing this for narcissistic supply, attention, and extraction of funds from their beta male followers.

Once you understand what a female narcissist psychopath girl is, it becomes easier to spot their red flags online. Some of them even come out and say that they are psychopaths in casual discussions on their streams and since the common internet user does not fully understand what narcissism and psychopathy really is, it goes unnoticed. 

Most people relate psychopaths to horror movies, slashers or mass murderers but fail to realize that narcissist disorder does not necessarily lead to homicide or breaking the law. Most psychopath girls and female narcissists are highly intelligent and will not put their lives or freedom at risk.

However, it is not illegal to psychologically torture someone the way narcissists do and this is how they get away with it, especially online.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem for Twitch since the more money these psychopath girls make, the more money the platform makes. Same with Instagram and it’s growing number of narcissist girls which seems to multiply daily.

As long as these platforms allow such behaviors and practices, the rate of narcissist Instagram girls and Twitch psychos will continue to rise.

The only thing we can do to resist this inevitable plague of toxicity, is to starve these narcissist girls of attention, likes, and subs. Stop giving these online predators your money and time and watch as they will evaporate from the platform and move on to infiltrate other means of entertainment.

This will allow the truly talented streamers to shine and earn their well deserved keep and promote a healthier online community for everyone else.


Narcissistic abuse is a perpetual nightmare not many can wake up from. The anxiety, trauma and PTSD can last a lifetime if one does not properly cut ties with their psychopathic tormentor and follow through with a specific plan for recovery.

However, this path can be a mystery to most victims of narcissists who’ve been discarded and dismantled. That’s why I’ve put together a step-by-step guide that will show you how to take the first step in establishing boundaries between you and your abuser. Study this guide carefully and do exactly what it says, especially if you have been recently discarded and left to rot by your narcissist ex.

These were the first instructions my mentor gave me back when I too was in hell; gasping for air from the suffocating panic and bed ridden anxiety my psychopath ex had left me in. I followed his guidance to the tee and instantly felt life breathing back into my soul… as will YOU when you follow these easy steps.

The information in this guide is crucial to your mental health and recovery. Do not hesitate or risk another minute of your life drifting into oblivion at the hands of a psychopath narcissist.

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