Are you being STALKED by your Psychopath EX?

If the title of this article strongly resonates with you, then heed my words carefully.

What you’re experiencing right now is far worse than the typical toxic relationship with a Narcissist or Cluster B personality disorder.

The commonly and overly spoken about Love Bomb, Cheat, Devalue, Discard narcissistic pattern sounds like paradise compared to dealing with an obsessive, compulsive, stalker that refuses to let you go.

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Calling Out The Narcissist, Standing Up For Yourself – The Brain Needs Proof, NOT Promise.

Years after our relationship with the psychopath ends, we are still left with a fear and anxiety inducing uncertainty that if we were to ever run into our narcissist ex again or get involved with another toxic person, that we would suffer thru the same torment and psychological torture all over again.

In the past we never had the confidence or ability of calling out the narcissist and instead would enable them more and somehow ignore our intuition and convince ourselves that they were innocent. This questionable behavior was most likely developed thru the psychopath’s many tools of manipulation such as gaslighting.

Anti-Narcissist POWER and The WAR Against Psychopath Narcissists

Victims of psychopathic and narcissistic abuse (the many) who have healed, recovered and risen above the darkness (the few) develop a keen instinct to spot narcissists a mile away.

It’s like we are given a new pair of glasses which allow us to see behind the mask and facade these toxic creatures masquerade under.

Reaching this level of mastery can take many months or even years of relentless education on the subject, strict discipline in sustaining the No Contact Rule, and a never ending spree of self validating stances and actions against anyone who even comes close to crossing your newly established boundaries.

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